Price List

The price for a single fun dive is 590,000 IDR. That includes a professional divemaster as a guide and full set of rental equipment. You can find our discount policies at the bottom of the page.

All divers visiting Gili Trawangan will be asked to make a one time contribution of 150,000 IDR for Gili Eco Trust. This non-profit association will use the collected donations on several different purposes. Some of these projects include purchasing new moorings and buoys, biorock reef restoration, recycling program, managing organic waste on Gili T and providing free healthcare for local horses and cats.

All dive course prices and packages below include your dive instructor fees and full equipment rental.

If you book any dive course from Open Water Diver or above online with us you will receive a free fun dive worth
540 000K at the end of the course. There is no need to pay a deposit. To confirm your booking we only need the dates, your full name(s) and date(s) of birth.


10% Discount Available for:

3+ Fun Dives
4+ divers in a group
Locals / Kitas Holders / Pro Divers

15% Discount Available for:
5+ Fun Dives

20% Discount Available for:
10+ Fun Dives

Discover Scuba Diving
Study Material
Discover Scuba Diving½ Day Experience. Pool + 1 dive1 050 000 IDRIncluded
Discover Scuba DivingPool Only550 000 IDR
Extra Intro Dives700 000 IDR
Fun Dives
Study Material
Fun Dive1 Dive590 000 IDR
3 or More Fun Dives3+ Dives10% Discount
5 or More Fun Dives5+15% Discount
10 or More Fun Dives10+20% Discount
Scuba Tune Up (Refresher)950 000 IDRCan be included in Fun Dive package
Night Dives1 Dive730 000 IDRCan be included in Fun Dive package
Bubble Maker
Study Material
Bubble Maker1 pool dive for you from 6 years old950 000 IDRIncluded
Scuba Diver
Study Material
Scuba Diver Course2 days/2 dives4 600 000 IDRIncluded
Scuba Diver to Open Water Upgrade2 days/2 dives + video/theory4 050 000 IDRIncluded
4 Open Water Dives4 dives + video/theory4 300 000 IDRIncluded
Individual Open Water Dives1 dive1 090 000 IDRPIC PADI/SSI 850 000 IDR
Open Water
Study Material
Open Water Course3 days/4 dives + video/theory6 400 000 IDRIncluded
Advanced Courses
Study Material
Advanced Open Water2 days/5 dives5 400 000 IDRIncluded
Adventure Dives1 dive1 090 000 IDRPIC PADI/SSI 850 000 IDR
Adventure Night Dive1 dive1 090 000 IDR
Advanced & Nitrox Course2 days/5 dives7 000 000 IDRIncluded
Rescue Courses
Study Material
Rescue Course3 days/4 dives + video/theory6 400 000 IDRIncluded
Rescue Course & EFR4 days/4 dives + video/theory8 400 000 IDRIncluded
EFR2 400 00 IDRIncluded
Divemaster Course
Study Material
Dive master Course4-12 weeks16 000 0004 500 000 IDR
Study Material
Advanced + Rescue + Divemaster 6- 12 weeks26 000 000 IDR4 500 000 IDR
Advanced + Rescue + EFR + Divemaster 6 - 12 weeks28 200 000 IDR4 500 000 IDR
Rescue + Divemaster course5 - 12 weeks 21 800 000 IDR4 500 000 IDR
Rescue + EFR + Divemaster course5 - 12 weeks24 000 000 IDR4 500 000 IDR
Study Material
Deep & Nitrox Combo4 Dives, 1 on Nitrox6 300 000 IDRIncluded
Wreck Speciality4 Dives4 500 000 IDRIncluded
Deep 40 meters Spec3 Dives3 600 000 IDRIncluded
Waves, Tides & Currents Spec2 Dives2 900 000 IDRIncluded
Navigation Spec2 Dives2 900 000 IDRIncluded
Nitrox Enriched Air1 Dive2 500 000 IDRIncluded
Nitrox Enriched Air theory only0 Dives1 800 000 IDRIncluded
Technical Dive Courses
coursenumber of divesprice ( IDR )includednot included
Sidemount Diver44.900.000equipmentgas for nitrox option
Nitrox Diver22.800.000equipment and gas
Combined Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures (on sidemount)612.000.000gasequipment rental
Combined Sidemount, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures916.900.000gas
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