About Gili Divers

We are an English-Swedish run dive center established in 2010. While maintaining a young and relaxed vibe we are known for our experienced instructors, lively atmosphere and quality diving experience.

Our basic ethos is to have as much fun as possible whilst providing high standard of security. Keeping group sizes small allows us a great flexibility when it comes to individual and private group special wishes.

Gili Divers management team with a combined experience in the dive industry of over 40 years provides a reasuring level of operational oversight. Our internationally diverse instructor and divemaster team comprise seven nationalities and cover nine languages.

We provide a full range of diving experiences and certification programs from absolute beginner to dive professional through three different dive certification agencies; SSI, PADI and TDI.

We are a full self-sufficient operation with our own accommodation, swimming pools, dive boats and compressors. Our location could not be any better as Gili Divers is located directly on the beach.

In order to offer access to a large number of dive sites around the Gili Islands we maintain a fleet of three dive boats. This allows us to dive a minimum of five discrete dive sites per day ensuring appropriate dive sites and conditions are available to all levels of divers.

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