Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water Course

The advanced open water course is designed to expose you to more challenging diving conditions and activities whilst under the supervision of an instructor. The goal is to make you a better diver by increasing your confidence and independence as a recreational diver. In order to start the course the candidate must be already an open water diver, qualified to dive to 18 meters.

The advanced course consists of 5 dives over at least two days. The course is very much about diving and does not have the theory load on the student of the open water course. It is all about learn by doing.

The only mandatory adventure dive is Deep Dive so you will have another 4 elective dives to choose to make it five. The Advanced Open Water Diver license results in qualification to dive down to 30 meters.


Deep Adventure Dive is one of the two core dives of the Advanced Course. As you learned during your open water course when we go deeper than 18 meters there are a number of extra factors we need to keep in mind and procedures to observe in order to stay safe.

The presence of your instructor offers security the first time you venture deep enough to experience Nitrogen Narcosis and increased air consumption. We will also try to illustrate to you that you are impaired even though in all likely hood you feel great.


The second of the two core dives in the Advanced Open Water course. Navigation is the adventure dive about skills of knowing were you are. It may seem like magic to you when your divemaster takes you on a long dive and finishes exactly back were you started. But it isn’t that. With the Navigation Dive and by continuing to use the navigation skills you learn during the course you will gain a lot of confidence in your location.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

The pure purpose of this adventure dive is to work on your buoyancy skills to the point you will notice a significant improvement in your air consumption. You will also be able to get far closer to your target if you are a photographer without disturbing the environment. Better buoyancy control means better dives!

Drift Adventure Dive

We are fortunate here on Gili Trawangan to have many sites which are perfect for drift diving. If you have never done it before you will probably find it quite exciting! The basic skills of current check, negative water entry, reef hook deployment, taking advantage of current eddies, the difference in buddy procedures and surface marker buoy deployment are all covered.

Adventure Night Dive

Why go scuba diving at night? Because it’s very exciting and even more because we can! Also of course because there are a lot of different species active which you will only ever see at night. The different buddy procedures, entry/exit procedures, light handling and navigation skills required are covered in detail.

Search & Recovery Adventure Dive

Once dropped in the sea things tend to stay lost. If you choose this adventure dive we will show you some of the techniques for locating items and bringing them back to the surface. Good navigation skills are vital for success.

Underwater Photography

During this dive you will learn about composition camera care, use of light framing and red balance and much more. We will also teach you some extra buoyancy skills required to significantly improve your underwater photos.

Fish ID

Everyone wonders what species of animal some of the things we see while diving are and what the name of particular fishes are. With this dive we will show you how to identify species, their habits and how to find the common names of a number of animals.

Dive computer

We will provide you with a dive computer and show you how you can safely increase your bottom time. The do’s and don’ts of computer usage are covered along with some advice on selecting a suitable model if you choose to purchase one in the future.

Wreck Adventure Dive

The procedures for diving on wrecks vary considerable from reef diving chiefly because of the potential overhead environment. The Wreck Adventure Dive will highlight the most important safety aspects whilst you experience one of Gili Trawangan’s two wrecks.

Intro to Nitrox Adventure Dive

We will explain the advantages of diving with Nitrox and how to calculate your increased bottom time with a dive computer. After the theory you will breathe nitrox for a full dive. Your first dive on mixed gas.

NOTE! If you wanted to get certified as a Nitrox Diver the same time, you could get these two licenses at one go just by adding some theory and an exam for the cost of only 1,500,000 IDR.


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