Working as a diving instructor can be a multifaceted job with a lot of different aspects and angles. After some time you realize that most instructors teach differently, use different methods to explain concepts, and prefer teaching courses in their style. We find our own ways of getting the information through and we always try to progress and learn new ways to explain diving skills and techniques.

For me, the most enjoyable and fun course has always been the Open Water course. As a beginner, this is your first step into the recreational diving world and it is one of the most exciting steps you can take. I find a great amount of joy in seeing the progress of my students during this first course. My goal is to turn my students into the best divers they can possibly be, but also for them to come out of the course with a new love and passion: scuba diving!

In the Open Water Diver course you will go from being a novice to being confident and secure in your own diving skills. And trust me, its easier than you might think!

Gili Divers Andy entering water with students
Gili Divers instructors and students decending

Getting started

The first step that we take is to get you familiar with the concept of diving by watching the Open Water introduction video. Afterwards, we continue to build on our dive theory by having a short lecture followed by the first pool session. Here you will take your very first breaths underwater! We now progress with the necessary skills needed to get you ready for your first dive in the ocean.

For most new divers, taking this first leap from the pool into the ocean is exhilirating! And you know what, for me aswell. As an instructor, few things beat the excitement of seeing that first post dive smile after popping up to the surface.

After our afternoon dive we are now done for the day. Time to relax and let it all sink in! The following day we continue with a lecture in the morning. Here we will cover some dive theory and knowledge about dive equipment before we jump into the pool to polish off those last skills.

In the afternoon we go for our second dive. During the dive we will again work on our diving skills in the ocean. Once we are done with the skills and feel confident we will spend the rest of the dive looking for turtles, sharks and other amazing local marine life.

After debriefing and logging the dives our student divers often choose to hang out in the shop with us creating a nice social environment that the passers-by can see and even feel at times. Once the last dive of the day is wrapped up it is not unheard of that some of the both staff and customers treat themselves with an ice cold Bintang beer from our beach front restaurant.

The third and the last day

This day we will start of with a dive in the morning and it’s time to be more independent! Now we will learn how to use a dive computer and compass. This is a big step that you will take towards being a self reliant and independent diver. You can soon take care of yourself underwater! The day consists of the second and last lecture followed by the Open Water Diver exam. Once you have passed your exam and had a lunch break we will finish off the day with our 4th open water dive, the last dive of the course. Now its time to put all that practice into play. Lets have some fun! This dive we will devote to looking for some of the coolest and rarest marine animals our local dive sites to offer and just enjoy ourselves. We did it!

Written by Andreas Westman

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