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Dive Courses

At Gili Divers, we offer all dive experience programmes and certification courses up to professional level. Whether you want to learn to scuba dive, improve your skills, or become a professional Divemaster, you can do it with Gili Divers.
No matter where you choose to dive next, your Certification card will be recognized and accepted all over the world.

Gili Trawangan is an amazing and very popular place to do your Open Water Course. There are many dive sites to explore, with clear water, abundant marine life and plenty to see in each dive. Water depth and clarity are ideal, and can always find a spot to perfectly suit each student diver’s level, experience and confidence.

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Available Dive Courses

Discover Your Scuba Diving

This program takes about 4 hrs. It allows first timers to experience what it is like to Scuba Dive. You will learn some basic theory and safety rules before trying on the scuba equipment in the pool.

During the pool session, some basic skills will be taught to boost your confidence and comfort level.

After the pool session, you then get to experience diving in the sea from one of our boats, to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
If you now decide that you would like to continue, this dive can be credited towards your full Open Water certification.

Open Water Course

The Open Water course is fun and rewarding and a great way to start a lifetime of diving. We keep our classes small so that you get more time with your instructor.

This training qualifies you for lifetime certification to dive with your buddy at depths up to 18 meters. The Open Water Diver Course is scheduled over 3 days and consists of theory, pool skills and 4 dives in the open water at various dive sites around the Gili Islands.

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Advanced Open Water Course

Take it to the next level – Improve your skills and get certified to 30 meters!

The Advanced course takes 2 days and consists of 5 adventure dives.

The deep dive to 30 meters is mandatory, then you choose the four from : Fish Identification, Perfect Buoyancy, Night diving, Navigation, Currents, Search & Recovery, Photo, Computer, or Wreck.

Come and have fun!

Medical First Aid

CPR and First Aid – Primary & Secondary Care. The Emergency First Response Course meets the pre-requisite requirements for the Rescue Diver and professional level courses. This course can be completed in 1 day.

This is a basic course for emergency care and lifesaving skills that is great for both divers and non-divers. The course includes topics such as basic life support, CPR and rescue breathing, shock management, spinal injury, serious bleeding management and basic first aid procedures.

Rescue Diver Course

Build your confidence and skill in the water.

To become a Rescue Diver you should be certified by an internationally recognized organization in CPR and First Aid within the last 2 years. The Rescue Course takes 3 days and involves theory, pool sessions and 4 open water scenarios.

Topics include self rescue, recognizing and managing diver stress in others, responding to divers in distress and managing diver emergencies including a missing or unconscious diver.

Your Divemaster Course

14.000.000 IDR (10% Discount with own equipment) + 3.500.000 IDR for study Crew pack

Go pro! Become a professional scuba diver

With our Divemaster conducted program, we will train you how to teach Scuba Reviews, Skin Diver courses and to become a Discover Scuba Diving Leader. In addition you will learn professional level dive theory such as Equipment, Physiology, Physics and Decompression Theory and the Recreational Dive Planner.

During your Divemaster internship you will learn the roles of a Divemaster as both a dive guide and certified assistant through knowledge development via your manual and video, and also through practical application in the dive centre.

Working daily with our experienced instructors, you will learn how to assist with student divers on their dive courses and how to evaluate dive sites, the diving environment and deliver informative dive briefings to certified divers. To start the Divemaster course all you need is 20 logged dives and Rescue Diver certification.

At Gili Divers we offer an internship style of Divemaster training that usually lasts 4-6 weeks, giving you the hands-on experience of working in a busy dive centre alongside professional Divemasters and instructors. Go professional! Become a professional scuba diver.

Please note that the prices for professional level materials and membership fees are not included in the above quoted course fees. For more details regarding the current course requirements, material costs and additional examples of theoretical and practical application training please do not hesitate to contact us.

NEW!!! For our Divemaster program is that you have the option of splitting your Divemaster course and do half in Gili Trawangan with us and the second half in Bira, South Sulawesi with Bira Divers.

Specialty Dive Courses And Master Diver Rating

Learn more about your special interests and take a Specialty Course!

Speciality course topics popular at Gili Divers include AWARE-Fish Identification, Deep Diver, Digital Underwater Photographer, Drift Diver, Enriched Air Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver and Wreck Diver, among other topics. For individual course length, requirements and pricing, please contact us.

The Speciality courses teach you more about your special interests in diving and help you work towards your Master Diver rating, the highest level of recreational scuba diving in the diving ladder.

Complete the Rescue Diver course, 5 Specialty courses and log 50 dives. Your dive Instructor can then help you to apply for your Master Diver card.

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